How To Order Letter Art

Ordering Name Frames is easy, but depends on exactly what you want to purchase.

We have 3 types of products:

  1. Create your own name frame using 4″ x 6″ letters
  2. Purchase letters only 4″ x 6″
  3. Get a quote for bespoke gift using 2″ x 3″ letters

Here is a guide on how to purchase the various products


Create Your Own Name Frame Using 4″ x 6″ letters

To let you see exactly how your completed name frame will look, you need to click here to complete your request: Create your word

It’s as simple as 1,2,3

  1. Enter your word/Name

  2. Change the style of letters

  3. Select your frame type and order


2. Purchase Letters Only

Although the above screen will show you what your letters will look like when they are laid out, provided you are purchasing letters ONLY and no frame, you will need to order these by using the following section: Letter Art Letters

  • The reason for this is to avoid the ‘flat rate’ delivery charge that will be applied when ordering a completed frame with the letters.
  • Purchase of Letters ONLY do not incur any delivery charges
  • Should you order these through the ‘Create your word’ section, don’t worry, we will return the delivery charge to you provided you have not ordered any framed products


3. Order Bespoke Letter Art Name Frames

All bespoke letter art name frames are 100% unique to you. Angie will produce the completed product to your exact requirements. In view of this, please feel free to use the ‘create a word’ section and ‘letter art letter’ sections to see what the letters would look. However it is important that you contact Angie to discuss your exact requirements and she will either use the letters you have chosen, or she will email you with a ‘proof’ to show you what the completed frame would look like using her selection of the top letters that she feels best for your requirements (which you can change the choice of letters at any time before confirming the order). Once agreed, you will be quoted a price and we will arrange payment via phone (through secure ‘world pay zinc’) to include delivery, or we can deliver if you live within the area.

You can see examples here of bespoke letter art frames

Please contact us in case of any queries.