How To Order…

It’s as simple as 1,2,3

  1. Select your Letters

  2. Choose Your Frame

  3. Order Your Product

For a more detailed guide, please follow the below 5 steps 🙂


Our 5 Step Guide To Ordering – Once you have decided what name you want



View & Select Letters / Numbers etc.



  •  Select the choice you want using the ‘drop down’ menu’s on the dark top menu bar
  • You will then have displayed a complete summary of all the items available for that particular selection

To view more detail

  • ‘Hover’ over the individual item and click the magnifying glass
  • A brief description of the item is included for your guidance



 Once Selected – Click ‘Add To Cart’ For Each Item



  •  You need to select each letter individually
  • Once you click ‘Add to Cart’ – Your chosen item will be added to the ‘shopping cart’
  • Repeat this for each letter/number/symbol required
  • The number of items added to the cart will be displayed adjacent to the shopping cart in orange (top right)
  • To view cart, simply hover over the small shopping cart along top right hand side
  • Click ‘View Cart’ for more detail



Add Your Frame – Choose Frame size & Colour to Match



Our Frames are heavily discounted and ONLY available at these prices when purchased at the same time as purchasing letters etc for that frame

  • Choose the size and colour of the frame to fit the number of letters/numbers/symbols etc purchased
  • Each item selected will need to be included when ordering your frame (eg. 3 letters + 1 number = 4 letter frame)
  • Click ‘Add to Cart’ for the frame of your choice

Letters / Numbers / Symbols may be purchased separately without frames – if required



When Order Complete – Checking Your Order



Once you have selected your complete order of letters and frame – you need to ‘double’ check your order

  • Click ‘Shopping Cart‘ & ‘View Cart
  • You can make any amendments to your order here – remember to update the cart when completed
  • Always ensure that you have selected the correct colour of the letters you want (sepia or greyscale) and check the colour and sizing of your frame to match
  • The total order cost will be displayed (including postage & packing)



Proceed To Checkout – Paying For Order



  •  When you click, ‘Proceed to Checkout‘ – you will be taken to the Checkout where your need to enter your details
  • Please ensure you enter all your your billing details – including your best email address & telephone number to contact you on – if required

IMPORTANT- Order Notes

  • Please enter in the ‘ORDER NOTES‘ section in this step’ – the full name as you want it written for your order (eg. GEORGE)
  • Should you require letters/symbols to be placed in a specific order – please highlight this here
  • Please also include any specific requirements here incl the best time to contact you – if reqd

Payment by Credit Card

  • Payment is required in full at the time of your order and is made by credit card only
  • Click ‘Proceed To Pay Pal‘ – secure service used for processing
  • Any omissions to the Order Billing Details will be highlighted here


Congratulations, you have now placed your order which will be put together for you without delay.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email to discuss any further requirements you may have.

Thank you