Framed Medals

Framed Medals & War Memorabilia

War Medals

War Framed Medals Example Just about everybody who served in WWI received a medal of some kind to commend them of their actions. Sadly, the majority of these tend to be kept in the bottom of a drawer somewhere and tend to be forgotten about, which is a great shame.

Rather than have your medals kept in a drawer for no-one to see, you need to celebrate the achievements with pride and display them for all to see. The medals may have been handed down to you by your loved ones, who achieved recognition for their valued part in either the 1st or 2nd World Wars. Without their involvement, we may have not been here today, so with that in mind it is important that these receive the recognition they deserve. Framed medals will really stand out and be a talking point for all.

Medal Framing Example I will work with you to ensure that the medals are displayed in an ‘acid free’ mount for longevity and to ensure they continue to look their best for many years to come. In addition to this, if you are in possession of a photograph that would have been taken at the time of them being in the war, I will include this within the medal framing. I will always do my best to ensure that the medals are presented to the highest degree.

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Special Achievement Medals

Sports Memorabilia Framing

Apart from war medals, there are special moments that required dedication, commitment and tenacity, such as completing a marathon or other sporting event, which should be celebrated. I can also display these for you in a similar manner, by providing the same high standards. The medals can be displayed to your requirements, together with award certificates received.

In addition to the military medal framings and the special achievement displays, I can provide bespoke medal framing for all occupations, such as the Police Long Service Medal and other awards that you, or your loved one, will have been presented with during their course of employment.

All handmade to your exact requirements


Fine Art Trade Guild High Standards

Fine Art Trade Guild 100x140I also specialise in creating bespoke medal framing for your collections of medals to ensure that they take pride of place in your home. Being a member of the ‘Fine Art Trade Guild’ I will ensure that all framing for your medals are made to the highest standards and to specifications as defined by the guild to ensure that customers can trade with confidence.

You can find out more about the Fine Art Trade Guild Standards here.

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