Equine Letter Art

Bespoke Equine Letter Art Frames

Capture those moments with your pride and joy in our ‘Equine Letter Art‘ frames

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Equine Letter Art


Using our collection of ‘letter art’ letters, we can produce a unique Equine Letter Art gift just for you or your loved ones.

  • The letters are from our own collections, taken by Angie, so if you are looking for a ‘wooden’ theme, a ‘metal’ theme, stone or other, then we have the letters just for you. We can even tailor these to show letters specifically from certain areas of Great Britain
  • The letters are 2″ wide x 3″ tall and available in sepia (as shown), or greyscale
  • The frame can either be in natural wood, antique wood or black finish – all made from solid wood. The finished size will be dependant on the number of letters used in each of the names

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Equine Letter Art - side


Include Your Winning Rossettes

Equine Letter Art - corner


Include Your Photographs

Equine Letter Frame- corner photos


If you want to include photographs of your special event, then Angie can add these for you.

Again, the letters are from our own collection and are available in both greyscale (as shown), or sepia.

  • The bespoke frame can again be finished in natural wood, antique finish or black and will be sized dependant on the name and photographs used
  • The photographs can be in greyscale, colour of sepia

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Fine Art Trade Guild


All completed frames are handmade by Angie to the highest standards as set by the Fine Art Trade Guild, of which Angie has an elected member since August 2015.