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AND Apostrophe the other Nos

Maximum word is 9 characters

Click in the 'frame' and type your word or name (1 - 9 characters)

  • Why not add 'characters/symbols'? - Click on the relevant icons displayed
  • By clicking 'the', an image of the word 'The' will be added e.g. The Smiths
  • 'Other' refers to other misc symbols
  • Numbers (Nos) are currently unavailable - (coming soon)

When you have entered your word/name - simply click 'Create My Word' and your letters/characters will be transformed


IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ – Letter art numbers are not set up yet! (We’re working hard to get these ready for you)

1. Name Frames With Letters (4″ x 6″ letters)

  • When placing orders for complete name frames with letters, please use this display and you will see exactly what your completed frame will look like

2. Ordering Letter Art letters Only

There is no P&P charges for letters only. This display will let you see what your letters will look like when ‘laid out’.

3. Bespoke Name Frames Using 2″ x 3″ letters

  • This display will let you see what the finished names will look like
  • BUT For ordering – Please contact us by phone to discuss your order and prices. 1 and 2 above refer ONLY to 4″ x 6″ letter orders

You can see examples of letter frames using 2″ x 3″ letters here: Wedding Examples