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Hello & Welcome To ‘Only In The Wild’

Thank you for taking in an interest in what we do here at ‘OnlyintheWild’. I’d like to tell you how my passion evolved into a full time and life changing business.

As a family, myself, my husband Pete, and daughter Georgie, we spend every free minute hiking across the UK, and/or climbing mountains, always for enjoyment, and often for charity challenges too.

My photography passion has always been there as long as I can remember, but it really took on a new dimension when I had an opportunity every year to photograph the Wild Deer Rut, Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles, and other wildlife such as Pine Martens, Dolphins, Red Squirrels, Badgers, Foxes, and even our more commonly seen Native Ponies, Sheep, and Cattle.

As a family we would often find ourselves in the remotest spots, and really do feel we have seen the best of the British Isles, we never get bored with it, it is a truly beautiful location.

So ‘Only in the Wild’ has evolved from my original passion of Wildlife Photography.  It was on a few of our many photography outings that I found the occasional photo captured something a bit different, and often something very much unexpected.  The branch of a tree being captured on the photo creating the letter ‘K’ while photographing the sea eagle, or while photographing one of our native pony breeds we captured the gate into the forestry where they were grazing which of course created the letter ‘A’.

How ‘OnlyInTheWild’ evolved

I take all the photographs myself, unlike some companies offering similar products who buy in their photos from third parties, we do not buy in photos, and so we pride ourselves that each and every image is all our own work.

I have a camera with me at all times, as I never know when I will capture the next piece of imagination, it could be on the top of a mountain in Scotland, on The Pennine Way, on the Coast Path, in one of our beautiful National Parks, or simply passing through a village along the way.

My work has been so well received, such brilliant comments, but what makes it so worthwhile for me is to see people stop, look and smile when they realise the letter art in front of them that I have created.  It makes me happy to make others smile.

I absolutely love the challenge of photographing unique images for ‘Only in The Wild’ and creating new letter art photo’s every day , whatever the weather. Things have expanded so fast with such amazing interest in what I do – welcome to onlyinthewild.

I hope you enjoy looking through our ‘Only in The Wild’ letter art and photographs.

I make bespoke frames too!

In the early days I was buying frames and mount-board from various suppliers but soon realised that the quality and often the sizing was not what I felt suitable.

So I decided to train as a Picture Framer.  And as a result of this I now have a fully functioning picture framing business too. The frames I make using only the best quality materials, real wood for the frames, and acid free mount-board and tapes etc.  I can make a frame any size to complement any image.  I make frames for my alphabet photography, for my wildlife images, conservation framing for old or sensitive items, sports memorabilia, war medals, fabrics, box frames… fact I will pretty much frame anything!

I am proud to say that I have been elected Member of the Fine Art Trade Guild since August 2015 This gives the stamp of approval that my work adheres to their ethics and very high standards.

And I am also proud that my business is global, I have fulfilled orders from Australia, the Far East, Europe and of course the U.K.

Very Best Wishes,





P.S. If you would like to read more about how much it means to us to help others, then simply click on this link here, or go to the Charity Challenges button on our home page.

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Meet The Team: - georgieThis is Georgie on the Munro summit ridge of Druim Shionnach in the Scottish Highlands.  As you can see she is a dedicated photographer, she either has the HD camera strapped to her head, and/or carries her digital camera with her.  Georgie is an incredibly talented photographer and really does ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to creating amazing photographic images, she most definitely is not the ‘pose, point, and shoot’ style of photographer.  Georgie’s are truly unique.

#A sneaky photo of Georgie in action.  This one taken at much lower and warmer altitude than the one above!  This was taken in Sea Eagle territory, what a privilege and incredible sight it was to see these amazing birds in the Wild.



onlyinthewild - Angie & PeteThis is a rare photo of me on the other side of the lens! Needless to say Georgie is the one taking this.  This is taken on Dartmoor which is a truly beautiful place, it is practically our back yard, we spend a lot of time here and because of that it features in so many of our photographs.

Pete also loves photography, although he is more often seen filming than photographing these days when we are out on our wildlife adventures or charity challenges.

Sarchie on beach in Wales

Sarchie in New Forest 9 - onlyinthewild

Not forgetting Sarchie our handsome, clever, and very fit Weimaraner, who is there on all our trips, and the feature of many a photo!




Below are some of the images we have captured in the Wilds of Great Britain:

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